July 15, 2008

baby iii

i have a new mac mini! welcome, baby III! i bought it yesterday with a happy feeling skipping past the halfway-down-the-block queue of apple store patrons waiting to go in (five minutes at a time) to get their 3g's. and i feel so much productive already.

things to do:

install ram
get adobe suite, office, etc
clean out files from baby II
transfer files from ext hd (big): work folder needs to be backed up
set-up ext hd (tiny) for time machine
burn old file dvd's and put away
upload all unsorted photos from ext hd to flickr


tune bike and box to ship at sports basement
get 24" monitor
get wisdom teeth pulled
do banking stuff (yawwwwwwwwwn)


just another day in my glamorous life.

1 comment:

minhthy said...

more photoshoots please!