July 14, 2008



i have moved to tumblr

with more pictures than words, and what better time to start a new blog? ;)

you can find me here: owly.tumblr.com

see you there, birdies!

edit: okay, i'm not jumping ship so fast, even though it's thrilling to cut your old ties and dream up a new nom de guerre. tumblr has a really nice UI, design for image upload (and i fell for those tumblr quotations!), but i appreciate a number of things about blogger i can't get in tumblr, so i can't let go ... yet.

i can't do a blog that's an endless stream of images stacked on top of one another without text or a spatial pause (it gives me a big headache), though i enjoy reading blocks of text on a screen about equally as much. so until i play with things a little more for just the right balance ... i'll post on both blogs!

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