September 13, 2008


dear friends,

it's been a while, but i'm back! i am three weeks into new york and two weeks into school. fashion week things and helping b with a photo film a la le jetee (without the french voice over, hehe) took up the last weekend, and the all-consuming act of setting up house has taken up every second of every waking hour of this past month. for example, yesterday, rushing from school back home to work, i grabbed three hefty house plants at the union square farmer's market in drizzling rain and carried them all home. the day before i schlepped fifty pounds of ceramic dinnerware from muji-- yes, soho to park slope ... in the rain (all these things are worth it, i swear). hopefully the place will be ready for our first dinner party, planned for next month -- we're waiting for you, k!

time seems to move quite fast: a new housemate is moving in this monday, the hadron collider has turned on, and the u.s. presidential election is coming soon. i was so sleepy today i closed my eyes imagining i was finished with my croquis homework, and dreamed i made michelle obama's inauguration gown. simply breathtaking - (not the gown, the woman)!

one of my more entertaining classes (and i seem to be delighted by every single class) is shoe design; maybe i am easily amused or maybe the last few years of uninspired CAD has lowered my threshold of tolerance towards repetitive tasks, but during the second class, we simply traced moulded plastic lasts for shoe croquis (sketches) and it was absolutely thrilling. oh, i am so happy and grateful to be here.

k & r - what's the progress on le book book? send me the files, and i will print a prototype, since i am making a book for class! sigh, i wish that all of my homework could be collaborative efforts.

my second line of duty (i know i am using that phrase incorrectly somehow, but it's 2 AM, forgive me!) is to have a new online portfolio up and running. as you might recall, this is the portfolio endeavor i've been talking about for the last year or so, lacking fruition. with the momentum of school and my new imac (;D) if i don't get this done, i would be one bad kid.

all in all, everything's a little tinged with the nervous energy of new beginnings. at these times, i hope i can just chill a bit and blog more. how does one prepare oneself for the inevitable rejection and humiliation of the job hunt, the agony of the waiting, checking and rechecking your email for that reply, than to have faith that the torment is rewarded in the end, for the dream of working in the field that one loves?!

i miss you guys.

<3 j


Thong said...

New York ain't got shi on yah shugah. Do yah thang.

Squeak said...

sounds like things are treking along pretty well =)

jean said...

thanks, guys! you're the best :) wish i could squish the Bay and NY together to one enormous region of awesomeness. it would be perfect.