November 6, 2008

hi there

hi friends!

what a time to celebrate! a new president, a new government in the forming, and a new little life: robert skye!

i miss all of you, and really wish i had a teleportation machine right now, so i can sneak behind you when you're reading this blog post. you: AHHH! me: it's me! you're reading my blog! you: good god, how the ---- did you get here?! me: teleportation machine! i'm right in the middle of school and work, and i have never been simultaneously tired and in such good spirits. i'm working for rachel comey three days a week and attending parson's (studio) ... well, pretty much everyday of the week. working means a great deal of physical labor (sewing, drawing, garment bags, and so on), and surprisingly not a lot of time in front of a computer. this is a strange new world for me, as i don't think i've spent so little time on design/CAD programs-slash-the web in the last four years! (bay area life does these things to you). i enjoy it like this, and i definitely don't look forward to finding a job drawing garment flats in adobe illustrator all day (the standard corporate entry-level fashion job, so i hear). anyway, we'll see what happens.

i'm super stoked for next semester, but i am surely going to cut down on the workload and start getting things in order. (i feel a great deal of anxiety seeing my netflix sitting there, unwatched for months on end.) my apartment is still in the works (remember how anal i am about my books and shiet), and i am slowing getting a grasp on the basic necessities around here -- ie, favorite produce stand, go-to bagel shop, bike shop. it hasn't been easy being thrown into a work routine without having a personal routine established, but it's sloooowly coming along.

don't forget, you are always welcome to stay and visit!

i'll be in maui for a week around christmas and then heading back to california for the new years. except for you jet-setters around the planet, i can't wait see you then.

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minhthy said...

i feel you on the importance of establishing a personal routine! i'm glad you are slowly finding your go-to places!! let's get our personal and work routines set so we can start a bookbook routine :)