February 4, 2009

all growed up

drawing by henry roundtree from lewis carroll's alice in wonderland at grandma's graphics (via drawn)

workin.' cookin.' changin' the dipes. staying up all hours of the night to feed a little one.

doin' something because you love someone else as much as yourself.

i saw squeek over the break and this was what i felt in the air, with the baby boy and the fresh nursery with a stencil of a hippo on a tiny branch. health, joy, new life. holding him in my arms, a little afraid i might drop him, how could i not feel the hopes of the world in him, this new little person whose entire existence relies on the love of his mother and father?

i remembered what it was to be innocent. thanks for that gift, squeek, our brand new mother.

i've spent more time with my mom this past week than i have since i was a grade school kid. it makes me happy. she's staying with me for a month to help me out, since i'm ill. i'm lucky and i'm loved. i'm lucky because i'm loved by her.

a lot of things have changed, and for the good. the things that are concrete are always there, and the things weren't, i guess they just melt away. i'm pretty tired, but it's not bad. it's simple: you don't start and end with your birth and your death. that's what i'm figuring out now.