March 10, 2009

dress form

things i am loving right now:

fresh chopped cilantro on everything i eat.

smell of sweet yams baking in my new oven (well, two months old).

bay ridge chinatown grocers.

korres body butter in guava. oooooh yeah.

things. (yes i am getting things done!)

amazon media library (sort of compiling my library ... still looking for a better library app).

lion's brand yarn super cheap in midtown.

heavy weight pattern paper sold at panda trim has grid numbers in FUTURA!!!

major to do's (besides chilling out and eating):

finish organizing new desk space (rearranged the room again a few weeks ago just before my mom left)

get med apps in order


will be working on:

bruce's film

(possibly) stella's film

bookbook recipes

portfolio website

designs of my own

finding dress form