March 9, 2009

spoiled milk

my roommate informs me this morning she complains to the guy who works at the bodega across the street half-and-half sold to her is always spoiled. he says they always turn off the freezers at night to save money on energy. roommate goes to produce shop around the corner and finds out they do the same thing. speculation: polish grocery store down the block (only major grocery store in ten block radius) turns off freezers (INCLUDING MEAT FREEZERS) to save money. when my mom was visiting, she did tell me never to buy meat from that store, because it all looked kinda rotten to her.

solution: local schmocal. take N to 8th ave and shop at the bay ridge chinatown grocers, where they do not turn off their goddam freezers to save money and potentially kill customers! turnover: high. everything is FRESH. F.M.L.!!!

1 comment:

Thong said...

In Vietnam, the milk is always fresh. Mwahaha.

I've been having weird headache episodes. I get through with multiple viewings of Anthony Bourdain.