April 14, 2009

oh so tired lately. maybe it's the april showers -- i was talking to my mom on the phone last night and she told me it's really warm over there, and she's already started her garden. here i am curled in the fetal position under my down covers in my pyjamas, which i haven't changed out of the entire day because i don't want to leave the house and face 40 degree rain.

i'm thinking of a media fast (it's gonna be hard, hard, hard). i've never been a fan of "detoxes," as they just seem like extreme measures to give you an illusion of control over your life, plus i am pretty lazy and undisciplined when it comes to stuff like that, but media fasting seems like a good idea to really get out of this cocoon in which i've tucked myself for the last few days. i've been getting cabin fever, and reading news about the economic crisis every hour and checking blogs every other minute is probably not the best way to simmer. (not to say it hasn't been amusing). i guess the idea of this fast is more along the lines of experimenting with dosing. that is, how many images and articles do i really need to consume in one day. i find myself scanning through reader like a madwoman, with an urgency to make sure all my unread posts are off the mainpage, all my unread-checked entries are noted and right-click saved. (i guess i am hoarding in hopes of using in the near future to create, and of course, for posterity.) anyway, it's really not the way my time should be allocated now, and in conclusion i need to get out of bed and draw more pictures. or write. it just seems so much easier to lay in bed and consume.

music: pandora radio - zhane + groove theory

films i watched (and really enjoyed) the last few months:
being there
barton fink
living in oblivion
as good as it gets

films i have great desire to watch (again or for the first time) soon:
coming to america
beverly hills cop
the new grey gardens

oh, and if you want something to keep you company and offer you a memory of what summer is like ... watch jazz on a summer's day! i watched this on non-stop loop during finals last december, and i believe it might one of the very few things that kept me alive.


Anonymous said...

this is really ironic. have i told you that i've been on a media fast since about...oh...january?

knowing my habits with the internet, telvision, and films, it's been somewhat difficult.

:p i dare you!


p.s. still have yet to buy plane tickets with derrick because we're trying to figure out how we're going to get to SFO airport if we have no one driving us. D:

Squeak said...

When you gonna come back to the Cali sunshine???

jean said...

i don't know yet, but hope to figure that out sooner than later :)