May 28, 2009

the future

hi everyone,

things are going well. b and i are talking about moving nearer prospect park. but this won't happen until august! however, i am very excited ... as i am obsessed with my interiors magazines right now. ie brutus may issue with a ton of pictures of silverlake homes. i just want to have a continuous stream of sunlight coming in through windows, something undisturbed by noise, so badly and am absolutely sick and tired of black and grey. one can only take decay without regeneration for so long. wilted plant i am.

on the other hand, without social desire or any strong need for self-expression, we are reading lots and lots of books ... and gossip blogs! and eating a lot of dreary fruit! consumers, purely!


1 comment:

Roger Jr said...

what have you decided? moving to a new apartment?

i remember reading your post a while ago about getting noise pollution. i sympathize- i have a similar problem with a bar facing the inside of the block as my apartment does- they have a back patio and the drunk chatter seeps into my studio often. i'm not sure myself if i'll stay put...