June 7, 2009

home things

okay, this might be a little premature, but i'm starting to desire more home things in anticipation of new apartmentness. here are some things i like available from matter and frozen fountain! the little drawers are by Richard Woods (Wrongwoods), whose house in West Village facing the Hudson Jeannie showed Emily and I last week. reminds me of graff artists and something Archigramish.

next, there's earthenware from Makkum, a dutch firm founded in 1572 (yeah, you think certain fashion houses are old!), first by Hella Jongerius and at the bottom, by Atelier NL. i just love earthenware's natural tones. imagine it sitting with all your wood table things. yeah!

then, here is this AWESOME stool by fellow brooklynites Hivemindesign made of all reclaimed woods. at over 1g, i think i might have to figure out a strategy to make this one myself. anyone have a lathe lying about?

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