July 24, 2009

the summer so far

SOME GIRL in her birthday dress. celery juice and totally high.

frankie's <3 pimm's <3 sigh.

apartment hunting. no more apartment hunting. thank jesus we gave up on that fast.

life drawing with professor ogawa. exhausting, but keeps the pencils sharp. eh? eh?

star trek movie. wow. this i call entertainment.

david byrne at prospect park clamshell. the longest, most ridiculous snaking queue i've ever seen and will probably see in my entire life. finally get picnic-style seating from half a mile away -- not too shabby!

for a second thinks i have a crush on zack galafianakis because his name keeps popping up in my head. concludes the alliteration in his name just makes it really fun to say.

lilly and derrick's visit. 2x shake shack! and busty biblical babes.

new ps1 hairy mammoth volcano structures (ritchie!)

sharpness of peppermint oil fumes compounded by paint fumes compounded by lung virus = mean jean. sort of bed ridden for almost two weeks. (my "lost years" of the summer in which i do a lot of sudoku and reading, including junot diaz).

freshly painted floors. ah.

depressing test results in may. better test results in july!

great treasure find thus far: two giant books of knots from the library.

practice commercial in the west village with a funny view of palazzo chupi. spying on neighbors. before the highline completes construction. and a silhouette of stella's curls at sunset.

landlord doing dance rehearsals three times a week. now, a personal motto of mine: if you have nothin good to say, don't say nothin at all.

i love my neti pot. it's like magic! it lets me breath through my nose again!

b's birthday in which we watch a movie about clones. kinda funny and easily translated into mime.

b's birthday in which we watch a movie about forbidden love during which the audience watches rapt on picnic blankets and become easily translated into a scene in the movie. also a freaky giant sized child version of b: see, more clones!!!

AM Thai and PM Dawn, but not at the same time. shucks.

nyc philharmonic at prospect park, and afterwards, watching a very short fireworks show very very close up. we screamed in fear.

oh yeah, first time biking in a while. rode too fast and passed out in the grass.

star wars uncut with d, d, and a!!

melet mercantile with rachel and elise. triple duper cool.

working working working on fall collection and uo fall deliveries! fun!

got a google voice #, which is my entire name. won't tell you the area code, unless you ask. hehe.

(i've got hos! in different area codes! area codes!)

next up: trip to LA, road trip up highway 1 and norcal family!!! <3 <3 <3