January 23, 2010


The past year was all about the back-up plan. If it ain't contingency, hypervigilence, varying degrees of paranoia, then it's not part of my mental state. Suffice to say this whole meditation thing is working, especially repeating the mantra "May I be free from danger." Still, I am obsessed with what-if-just-in-case scenarios constantly, in particular those concerning "what if this whole fashion thing doesn't work out" scenarios. (I read that NYT article entitled "Architects, or Whatever" in which we learn something like 40,000 practicing architects were laid off last year, but don't worry, because they're resourceful creatives and manage to come up with creative solutions to find income - like selling ice cream cakes and stuffed toys - and sometimes end up discovering themselves in the process, which is a nice spin on the fact that being unemployed fucking sucks).

So, occupations if this whole fashion thing doesn't work out (whether from health or other reasons):

Librarian - the kind that works in the basement repairing beat up books.

For that matter, any type of work that requires wearing a work apron, that doesn't involve air filters (for example, whittling or cobbling, as opposed to welding or wood machining).

Ornithology ?

Okay, okay ... toymaker!

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