February 12, 2010

i am very very happy with the show! although working so many hours for so-and-so weeks and then ending the day with a few too many glasses of wine is a recipe for a stay at home day. luckily, i could!

already a positive review at vogue. what these kinds of reviews can never capture is the process through which the textiles, prints, and styles emerge. they can't say that the airy print on silk organza is a spray-painted stencil (painted much larger in real life) and the vaguely horizontal panels of purple and shades of grey is actually a grainy digital print of a mountain landscape on silk crepe. that the patterned trousers are from a pencil-drawn repeat that resembles a wooden parquet floor (available in fire and grey). nor would they be able to tell you how many revisions of the knit dresses were made before the dimensions were correct! the copper belts open up like lockets. the fur on some hoods and lapels and sleeves is the same used on german teddy bears. and underneath the skirts of a few wearing knit lace stockings are mesh garters ... among many other funny, sneaky ideas, changes, edits, and reimaginings ...

for me revealing the process always makes a piece more meaningful. of course an eyed buyer gets this implied, but will she ever really learn of the weeks months of labor of dozens and dozens of hands and bodies to create each element of every garment and bring it to show as one whole, or maybe we prefer it to be left a little bit of a mystery, so fashion week is, twice or more a year, a magical giving birth. suddenly from nothing there is something!

journalists want "inspirations" to fill their articles. here, i think the beauty of it is you can't say or explain or describe anything better than seeing live (and if you can, touching and wearing). so please, go and see and wear. as much as photos can inspire and compel, it's just advertising ...

okay no more fuzzy thoughts, its time to fall asleep!

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