April 2, 2010

(abstract comics)

so i guess i can officially call myself a fashion designer now. after two long years, i am employed once more ... (the real ball and chain, imho.) the nice thing is that it is a ridiculously fun job. the not nice thing is, it is very hard and i need to build up my stamina this summer (sleeping and eating a lot of fresh vegetables) to prepare for the dearth later on ...

so guess what? it's time for spring summer 2011. i cannot believe it is almost the next decade. i had a strange bout of energy in the wee hours last night (maybe it's because i picked up my new clothes and shoes and it's exciting to see some of the things i drew and corrected in finished physical form. and not having to have sewn it myself especially!).

so i went through my old music archives and gathered a few long-forgotten albums and collections from half a decade ago and further back (how time shifts everything), and created a new "~listen to this" folder. i forgot how stunningly beautiful / funny / stupid all this work is. in retrospect, since moving to ny, i think my musical appreciation has plummeted due to the following reasons: 1. i developed agoraphobia, particularly towards crowds of relatively young, frighteningly attired hipsters, and 2. absolutely no energy and time to develop so-called "outside interests." and in conclusion, these circumstances have deprived almost all my work of their true lifeblood ... outside interests.

in any case, here it is now. i am listening to it!

fun things yet to make:

1 temperature charts
2 axometric drawings of really weird houses
3 maybe some photographs
4 abstract comics

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