August 5, 2010

since there's been so much talk about dreams lately, last night i dreamt i was climbing a colorless urban job site - a big empty mound of dirt - rimmed by chain-link fence and ragged tarpaulin. it was graded hill - i was climbing with effort - trying to cut through an opening in the fence - atop the hill was a massive glass box structure containing entirely dirt and wet dirt. it was one of those nothing buildings, all glass and ultra thin i-beam boxes i fantasized about in college. so, a perfect building filled with dirt, like the inverse of a jeanne-claude and christo situation. the glass was as clear as day and even had the sick green tones of low-e, so you could see every crunchy rock and grain of dirt like someone had dumped all of it in there, to the brim, and shut the roof like a lid. as i was following someone who had crossed through and left the mound, the building shattered and the dirt (tons) began to crumble out, then pour forth. of course, i was overcome and submerged in it like trapped in quicksand. couldn't remembered the rest of the dream, but what a fucking cool dream!!!

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