August 5, 2011


People who use fashion as a method of ethnic tourism through American-centric definitions of Otherness, and the illusion of innocence, naivete and preciousness of noble savagery in craft, etc.

People who actually believe in A simpler time, a simpler place -- ie via American heritage collections, "ethnic" dabbling (as described above) which white washes / enforces social conditions and power structures that perpetuate oppression and exploitation.

People who buy into the idea of "charitable fashion," a quite slimy marketing strategy of generating profits.

These are just a few of the really gross things I find in fashion, amongst some of the obvious (crass materialism and culture of consumption, perpetuating self-loathing via idealized body images, perpetuation of the white ideal, perpetuation of gender norms, environmental waste, etc etc).

How to build a collection of works that move beyond and oppose these systems whilst being able to survive and thrive?

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