November 3, 2002

Thanks for coming down, K. It's very nice of you to care so much.

So, I'm pretty pooped even though I slept for three or so hours in the middle of the day. Who knows why, maybe it was the waiting for a certain someone to get back at 2:30 in the morning, making sure that person is okay and not sick because that person can't seem to control that self when it comes to a particular consumable liquid, then, going to bed at 4:00, and then it has to do with getting up at 8 to let the carpet guys in with my Chinese rug, that is at last clean, although kind of discolored on one half. I hope i never have to get it cleaned like this again, because I am getting broke. (Yes, I am, K!)

Oh yes, then I got some strange itch all over my limbs, I think because of smashing cardboard boxes and loading them onto the truck and dumping it, not to mention making two rounds, the first time with the box spring, the second time, going down to second street with Yas, Yaniv, and K, both times very furtive and hoping we wouldn't get fined. Well, I'm glad that's done! I will remember to wear gloves next time we need to dump stuff, because the dust lingers and moves on to other parts of your body. But, it was nice seeing the two Y's of Cragmont, and it would be nice to see more of them, if we aren't so consumed with school.

Alas ... school. How I long for the Spring term to begin!

Oh that made me think about my trip to China this winter--I'm having mixed feelings about it; excited, yet I fear how much I can't read Chinese or speak it very well. Plus, won't it be very cold? Well, maybe I should worry more about my US passport than that right now, because I am: becoming a citizen on November 13th! I'm very excited even though I'm sure some out there are cynical about US citizenship (and answering that question, "will you do all in your ability to aid the US in a time of need..."), I am proud that at last I am officially a part of the nation I grew up in. (And I think, ... that I can't, nationality-wise, be anything but an American).

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