January 17, 2003

WHOOOOO! school's almost here. this break, i've seen four car crashes (one into the marsh), one criminal chase (including 2 police search helicopters and five patrol cars), my boy guppy die, a few unnotable movies, one speeding ticket, and (almost) writhing, dancing naked men (next month, it will be for sure -- anyone else wanna join? All Male Revue, 20 bucks a ticket). Wasn't this break fantastic? I sure enjoyed it. I feel a lot better about things in general. I'm trying to get an undergrad research position (unpaid, sadly). I've kind of accepted the fact that there really isn't that much to worry about, and all I need to do in order to change my perspective on things is get out of the damn house! Hahah. And be with friends. It was nice to see the Girls (and a few boys, too) last weekend. (Sorry I couldn't go to the club!) I hope we can keep in touch and chill together more often. So the research thing will just be to hang out with a professor, including 9-12 hours of research per week. I hope I get a position, otherwise I'll have to do my backup plan: internship (blegh). It will be a very very busy term, but I think I can whip up some magic (oh yes). I have two days of class per week SO FAR, 10 continuous hours each. Not including sections. Also, I plan on arranging a sauna/swim/treadmill weekly "routine," since I never use the facilities here at Bayside. Yep, oh yes, and i need to stop wasting food. So ... eat more. and finish my leftovers. (ARGH I HATE LEFTOVERS!) And spend less money on handbags and shoes, more on sweaters and shirts. What a gameplan! I'm feelin it! (I think listening to A Tribe Called Quest every morning has been helping! And hasn't the weather been perfect? K and I will head over to Marin tomorrow to chill cliffside. Beautiful bay!)

All I have left to say is: thank the Lord Almighty for giving us one, long, workless, worry-less Sunday.

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