February 14, 2003

Strange, I can't sleep at all tonight. I guess it's V-day jitters or something, but I stayed up all night reading Wuthering Heights to page 390 until I got utterly sick of all this which flaxen ringlet haired girl/boy loves what cousin business. It's a terrible story because you don't know whether to hate or love any of the characters, which probably makes it a profoundly good story. Well, beats me. I haven't slept in 24 hours for absolutely no reason. And I probably won't sleep again till this afternoon. Alas. I think I'm getting hot flashes or something! (Don't worry, I'm not totally cuckoo yet. Last night, I had a very nice time at Chevy's with Sean and the Squeek). I hope this weekend turns out fruitful somehow ... for some reason I feel like I'm reaching a stalemate and my life is terribly boring. I guess I ought to spend more time doing reckless things like drugs, sex, and booze instead of staying up all night reading Bronte. Another overcast day in my passionless life! WAHH! MERRY ST.VALENTINE'S! Kisses to you all!

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