May 16, 2003

Holy rigamarole. I woke up today at 6 AM in my bathrobe, leaning over the edge of the bed. Did I just sleep eleven hours? Amazing! But, alas ... I can't go back to sleep. As usual, I am drawn to the Light ... the Light of the Monitor. I am sad that I missed the lunar eclipse. Allergies are really starting to kick in. Watering eyes. Must try to go back to bed. Today, I must study hard. Today, I must visit Chad and draw faces. Today, I must eat a lot of candy.

Texas Law
"Fifty-one fugitive Democratic lawmakers declared victory Thursday in their scheme to scuttle a GOP redistricting effort and prepared to return to Texas from self-imposed exile in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, the federal Department of Homeland Security said it was drawn into the four-day standoff when a Texas law officer indicated that a plane carrying Democrats had run into trouble and might have crashed.
"The telephone call to Homeland Security was placed Monday, at a time Texas Republicans were desperately seeking the Democrats' whereabouts.
"Fifty-one Democrats set up makeshift offices 270 miles from the capitol at a Holiday Inn in Ardmore, Okla., in protest of the redistricting bill. On Thursday, they said their mission was accomplished."

Tarnation! Them loony Demokrats cain't be fenced in! Woooo Wheee

Lastly, excerpts from a fine young Keats-Shelley-Byron in the making:

"I decide to end a line on some random word like jacuzzi,
chooky chooky poo comma hubbadahoozy."


"Knights in shining armor bright are protectorates of this land:
To my spoken word and poetry, your blades turn but to sand.
Gates will fall and leaders collapse, crushed by the force of the masses,
Because I believe poetry can change the world and kick all of your asses."


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