July 7, 2004


(Photos property of Gina Garan)

After several long days taking roughly 400 pictures, going through roughly 700 pictures, and editing roughly 70 pictures for my portfolio, I JUST CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT PICTURES! Maybe this explains why I've been on www.thisisblythe.com (where I got this photo--it's copyrighted!) and its forums for the past two and a half hours. It's eerie, lovely visual bliss, landing my eyes on hundreds and hundreds of images of Blythe, a 1970s doll revived as contemporary/folk art legend. Check out her designer fits in the gallery. (PS Thank you to my dearest neb for the best online portfolio script this side of the Atlantic, and who is always pretty but misunderstood.)

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Yptucide said...

I suppose Blythe's boyish counterparts would be the Thunderbirds...(http://www.thunderbirdsonline.com/site/)