July 4, 2004

Rome Pictures

Siqi and I at Hadrian's Villa. Asides from the cryptoporticuses (cryptoportici?), the best thing on the trip to Italy was getting to see it with my best friend. I will always remember us sharing the great, cheap house wine with nothing but fondness and maybe a few tears in my eyes.

St. Peter's Basilica. You never would guess its nave is one whole space encompassing seven storeys. Not to mention the dome and apse. Bernini's Baldacchino (at three storeys high) will blow you away. I can't begin to imagine how it was constructed. You have to bow down to that.

The Vatican is the most amazing museum in the world. It's untouchable--so close to perfection, it's very surreal. I'm no art history buff, but I can tangibly sense the peak of hundreds years of a beautiful relationship between the Catholic church, rich ass merchant families, and their peons. It all ads up to incredible cultural investment, and gorgeous, gorgeous art.

The Villa d'Este at Tivoli is known for its beautiful landscape. My personal favorite landscape feature is a fountain.

The colosseum is a veritable showcase of foreigners. A real, ancient, authentic spectacle of the top calibre. That's why it's so trippy for an American like myself. Fantastic!

Awesome booty at Hadrian's Villa. In marble?

Siqi and I at the big head where you're supposed to get your hand cut off if you've lied. You can tell something from the terrified looks on our faces.

The hotel where we stayed was located on the old site of the Teatro di Pompeii.

Vespa ads adorn scaffolding. I love Italy! It is fabulous!

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