July 31, 2004

Portfolio Clips

i've been taking more pictures of my stuff for portfolio. there's just so much crap sitting under my bed and in my closet. i really don't know what to do. plus, my photos aren't really portfolio quality. (well, what is portfolio quality?) i'm only starting to mess with histograms, and i still can't get the right lighting for this stuff. i don't have tungsten studio lights! SIGH. i'll have to settle for that 'deliberately messy' look. anyway, all my drawings are kinda tattered.

the back. (LA 136, spring 2003)
I used to love the female body much, much more than the male, but I think my favorite's switched. I used to love the female body for its suppleness, and clean lines. But, there are so many curiosities in the male body I have yet to understand. Those little recesses and creases are really fascinating.

from LA 136, spring 2003. this model was a queen.

drawings from fall 2000, art 12. Rather dashing, contemplative young man, wouldn't you say?

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