August 16, 2004

Architecture Sex


I had just about 25 architectural orgasms today. I can't list them all, but it all involved that new Seattle Public Library today, by OMA (which I philosophically hate, but in reality have a big crush on). Some of the stuff included:

Pillow ceilings.
Bright yellow escalators.
One long pink wall.
Revolving door.
Glass and steel.
X X X X's all over.
Foam cushions.
A long, circling ramp called the "spiral."
Wood floor slats with words on them.
Frosted plexi bookcases.
Grass carpets.
High speed lifts.
Open ceilinged meeting rooms, for voyeurs galore.

And the best ... one little lookout nook, cantilevered over the atrium at the 10th floor. This is the spot from which the lead architect proposed to his girlfriend on the opening day. (She said YES! OF COURSE!!!) Who could not fall for such sexy architecture?

Pictures to come.


bruce said...

koolhaas is a hipster: with those X bracings, doesn't the library look like it's wearing a bright argyle vest?

jean said...

mmm ... argyle ...