August 30, 2004

Leo the Shih Tzu

Leo is a shih tzu. He is a real Chinese dog. He is around 10 years old and has grey hairs. He is robust and fierce, and likes to fight (other dogs). He likes to sleep on his back. Sometimes he hits on the other dog, Ruby, and starts growling. They used to date several years ago, but location split them apart. Sometimes, he looks startlingly like a lecherous old man with a fondness for girls. His fur is really soft around his head. He's a feisty one, and super snuggly. He had back surgery a while ago, because he was so excited to see his mom come home. He ran down the stairs, lost traction, and collided with a wall. Thus, he has a funny bouncing gait when he runs around, and will growl at you if you touch his backside.

Leo sometimes is brooding and feels misunderstood

But he's usually contemplative

Leo licks his hand on the rug

Leo hangs out by the pool

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