September 3, 2004


This is going to be the ninth flight this year. 9=3x3, which is quite lucky, eh? I've just been dying to get out of here! Thanks to the parents for providing necessary funds. Now, let's see if I can survive out there. There's a part of me that is wondering what the hell I will do if I prove to be a miserable failure, and there's the other half that appears off and on that says back to the other one, "Shut the fuck up; you're fuckin' fabulous!" I want to listen to the second half more. That one dresses better. Of course, I vote for undying optimism over cautious skepticism. Spontaneity over planning. (Living closer to death over dying in life?) Really, what is there to lose? There's everything to gain.


Anonymous said...

Go Jian Go, China will be lucky to have you, but I will miss you. goodbye, and thanks for everything, you don't know how much you mean to me!!

Lillian said...

You are fuckin' fabulous. Don't forget, I'm backing you all the way.

Anonymous said...

what a great photo...really really really elegant.