February 4, 2005


Night taken from Coit (on, arguably, the prettier side of the Bay)

I am sitting very close to the window in the kitchen that faces the street. Because I hear someone sobbing just below the window.

There is a girl just outside my building, and I can hear her loudly flipflopping cross the street, back and forth in anger and confusion. She is having an argument with a boy. She is cursing quite a bit. She is crying and screaming because something has happened. She's crying because someone treated her badly, and maybe she is finally letting go of her pretense, and letting someone anyone know that she is sick but she is still alive. It's the kind of sobs that a very desperate person cries.

The strange thing is that I hear another person's voice saying, "Jean, calm down. Jean ... "

Am I outside or inside?

I like to believe that I'm inside. Because I'm listening to Chopin, Nocturne in B, Op9 No3, and you can't get this kind of peace on Durant Ave east of College on Thursday nights.

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