February 1, 2005

photo sew photo sew

I think I've gone more neurotic than usual lately (in part perhaps due to the ten to eleven hours I sleep everyday and being sick). I'm looking for something more to temporarily occupy my job-less time. I have a few ideas on the back boiler so far.

1) I've decided to start standing on the street corner (at random) and take pictures of what people are wearing on the sidewalk. (Of course, I'm anticipating that people will think it's really fishy, but I'll have a plan for that; there's probably some kind of legal agreement or something). Based on my selection, people will be pulled aside for photos, which will be posted on a website. More to come.

2) I'm going to start making clothes for my male counterpart. Basically, at the skill level I am, I feel that I'd make cooler looking men's clothes than women's. Also, it's nicer for someone else to be the guinea pig for your fashion experiments. And whereas I would toss a garment aside if I didn't like it, he would HAVE to wear it out of guilt. Thus, less waste!

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