March 31, 2005

animal doppelgangers

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tuesday night i was walking up telegraph, and suddenly a white dove (or an albino pigeon?) shot up from the curb and flew to a cornice right above my head. two boys who were walking behind me had ducked and shouted "whoa!" earlier that afternoon, i was eating lunch at union square and a small black bird with a yellow beak shot right between me and my friend and tumbled into the grass in front of us. today, i was walking up the street to eat dim sum in Chinatown for lunch and a grey pigeon shot up from what seemed like the gutter and hurtled across a woman's face. she was aghast! dang. watch out for the urban birds.

last night, while driving past mission dolores, i saw a man walking a whippet and an italian greyhound side by side, with little mini-greyhound coats. this morning, while waiting for the bus, i saw a man walking both a whippet and an italian greyhound up bancroft. i take this as a sign. of what i do not know ...

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Maybe a sign of peace?
But whatever it is.
It seems to have a purpose.
[If that makes any sense what-so-ever.]
I'm sure it's not bad.