April 2, 2005

a bright day

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Just finished watching Blade Runner ... director's cut! SIGH!

1 Today i went to the public library (i'm in roseville for the weekend) ... one of the places i spent too much time at when i was a kid ... and checked out a few books and DVDs! Now i can read Edward Teller: the Real Doctor Strangelove and Nature and Its Symbols on the BART.

2 I also mowed the front lawn in the afternoon. It's actually really fun. It's like riding bumper cars except you're driving into trees and shrubs. Get it into 6th gear and it's a wild ride.

A I want to start getting music onto this blog sometime soon.

B Also take more photos.

i Since i'm at home, i'm catching up on the issues of the New Yorker and National Geographic i haven't looked through yet.

ii By the way, have you seen ... theme?


Pabloviator said...

You just admitted that you sit down while mowing?

jean said...

hey, i gotta work with what i have. and a push-mower is what i have not.