April 7, 2005


life is sweet browsing magazines. i could live inside one! but now i am ready to pass out.

working everyday is tiring. now i know how much of your life is taken up by working. so i guess: make it worthwhile. :)

la la la !

oh yeah ... i was talking to the bus driver of the F line on the way back from sf, and he told me at one point nixon had cancelled daylight savings for year -- as an experiment. he said how today is so much darker than the 1970s even though there was the oil crisis, etc. back then, there was a lot more certainly. (made me kinda sad that he said that ... because it was what i've been thinking for a long time ... that we have to grow up in times like these? i just have to keep reminding myself it's doesnt have to be percieved in such a dark way -- even though it might be the truth). later, he told me the only thing working class people (he said -- people who make less than $150,000 a year) can rely on is real estate, and tangible assets. he told me Hearst almost lost everything in stocks, but his enormous art collection bailed him out.


siqi said...

I guess in that case i will remain working class my whole life then... I don't mind work, just hate being exploited...

jean said...

yeah, ... have you been feeling exploited lately?

andrea said...

"..can rely on is real estate, and tangible assets."


smells to me like we can start an atelier! for real!
within the next 12 months!

call up k.bach! be optimistic/confident!

also, call me up! or, i'll call you.. let's talk explicitly
about this subject.