April 2, 2005


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Daniel Libeskind
's Royal Ontario Museum (one of the premier museums in the country) is going to be completed at the end of the year. Is it an architecture of fantasy and optimism, or an "architecture of fear"? A trip to Toronto, anyone?

btw - don't the puffy clouds in the top rendering remind you of a Caravaggio or something?? Cheeeez


bruce said...

architecture of fear... on the simpsons??? i missed the show this past sunday (anyone tivo it?) but here's a summary for it i got online:

"Marge asks architect Frank Gehry to design and build a new Springfield cultural center. He sees inspiration in her request and submits a design that is approved by the town. $30 million dollars later, the project is built and it opens and closes quickly as nobody in town really cares for classical music. Mr. Burns agree to take over the space, with his plan to turn it into a state prison."

gehry museum... turned into a prison?!?!?

andinh and i were actually planning a toronto trip this april... until we saw airfares. boo.

jean said...

that's hilarious ... i am planning a trip to france. and then, by year's end -- who knows?!

bruce said...

france!?! yes!

i'm off to hk, then vietnam. then...

bruce said...

we should hang out soon.