May 9, 2005


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it's nice to see that lots of people are excited about new places, new prospects. And big moves for friends and offices, cross-coastal, cross-continental. Lots of changes, but welcomed.

my friend said she's always sad when things come to an end. it IS an end of an era for many of us, but at the same time, it means there's incredible chance for something great to happen in a new place.

i had a conversation about understanding yourself. it might sound trite to talk about knowing thyself and soul-searching, but making choices really starts getting easier when you know who you are and what you like. and who you like. and what places you like. (and don't like, for that matter). i think a lot of my bad choices were made not because i was too chill and whimsical, but because i didn't know what i really like. i know now that i need rigorous ethic, intellectual challenge, and high aesthetic aims. among other things. i've survived for a while doing stuff quite haphazardly -- kind of as a way to "balance out" the stresses of college, or as an experiment in pomo-arbitrary living, if you will -- but it's time to get back to doing what i like the way i do. it's nice to be able to focus and carry out something methodically / methodologically, whether that method is standard or subversive. meta-process, i guess. i get antsy if i don't have those things.

but now i know more. now, it's a matter of developing those tastes and methods ... over time, i suppose that is what art is, an act of becoming or perpetual transformation. “No art has a divine right to its own existence. Art has to be continually renewed, re-invented and reconsidered in the time in which it finds itself and it's no good just saying that I'm a sculptor because I make sculpture," says Antony Gormley. like Zizek ... the person who makes a change is the one who gets you to see things in ways you didn't see them before.

i've been happy to see some blue sky, went to see some great djs (including last friday), found out about some new career opportunities, getting into the very exciting prospects of grad school, and generally been able to chill out and concentrate on stuff that matters to me.


bruce said...

what a kickass picture.

jean said...

the illustrator is tomi lahdesmaki ... lives in SF!