May 15, 2005


there are are a few things i really hate:

  1. bigotry
  2. illegitimate wars
  3. ignorance that pretends it's not ignorance
  4. selfishness + image-obsession --
  5. power-hungry anything
  6. machismo that isn't satirical
  7. fakery that fools itself into believing it's the real thing, including:
  • when intellectuals spew out theories without an ounce of involvement in the real world
  • when intellectuals or experts or celebrities or politicians are bigots and people listen to them
  • when people try to cover up for what they don't know by lying
  • when people scoff at those who remind them of their ignorance, because they are afraid to confront their ignorance, excuses, and self-directed lies, because they know, deep down inside, what they are doing is wrong.

  • and the suburbs.

well, not all suburbs -- the mcmansion/tract/gated community kind that is self-insulated. where people keep buying new cars and boats to show up their neighbors. the kind that appear on television shows about housewives, as if it were the typical American condition. where there are ten times more parking spaces and big-box retailers per resident than books in the library. where i am now, as a matter of fact -- everytime i'm here it leaves a disgusting taste in my mouth ... and incites me to write lists of things i hate!!

all of the above.

(notice I didn't include cruise ships, pop music, or fundamentalist Christianity on this list. People are people!)

of course, i sometimes take on those traits from time to time. which reminds me of a great story...

Jesus was defending a man, a man who was about to be stoned to death by a mob for a petty crime. Jesus shouted at the crowd, "Let ye who hath not sinned cast the first stone!" At which point, a stone hit His head, and He said, "Mom! I told you to stay at home!"

05/23/2005: added to the HATE list: CREEPY GUYS. CREEPY GUYS ON BART. BART. (go transbay bus!)

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