June 21, 2005


Seeing the same streets and same routes everyday is driving me nuts. I'm looking forward to moving, but I need a trip out of here. It's been almost 6 months since I've been out of the country. I was thinking Berlin, but four days isn't enough. Perhaps I can hole up in the hills for a while and come out once I've detoxed.

Camping sounded like a good option:

t: hey how was camping?
Q: it was fine
Q: it was the same spot that we went with nicole and her british boyfriend
Q: remember?
Q: ironic thing is there's more house music too
t: no wayy!!!!

(she was referring to this time we went down to one of those beach things with a bunch of SF yuppies in their late 20s and 30s who still believe in things like gaia and ecstasy. some dude brings turntables, faces them towards a campfire, and spins cheesy-ass house hella loud until 6 AM. and guys in furry chaps run around touching each other. it's hard to believe there's a segment of the post-90s rave population who still does this on a regular basis.)

Q: its called The Red Blue and White beach
Q: 6 miles north of Santa Cruz
Q: saw a bunch of old naked man with saggy butts
Q: MEN not man

i told ben.

f: they do those outdoor parties
f: they are all tribal and shit
t: well, you'll prob find out more about it once you start working at linden lab

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jean said...

note to self: i think i'm ok now!