June 24, 2005


Help! I'm in a search for a long necklace with threaded plastic, solid-colored geometric shapes. For example:

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Also, where can I get all-white sk8-Hi women's Vans in sz 5 (or boy's sz 3)? Where's my personal buyer!!!

For some reason I've had this nasty itch to shop. I'm so jealous of all the people who work in the fashion industry and never have to pay msrp. Argh! Why am I doing the shops and not the stuff inside?


And now, cute things!

from Newsday (also at New Scientist):

Chickadees actually have several calls at their disposal. A "seet" call warns of danger in the air, while the "chick-a-dee" call, depending on the context, can cue other birds about food, identity or predators that have perched too close for comfort.

The vigilant songbirds also have proven adept at recruiting a host of other species.

... like baby pitbulls?

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edit: i am so excited! i can put images straight into blogger! I've decided to post a Ralph Eugene Meatyard photo:


bach said...

hi jean!

i love the all white ones!

there's the van's one, and then there's marc jacobs vans. the different is that mj has suede, and the reg vans do not.

i've been looking for my size too (6) but all sold out!

keep checkin huf or american rag for sizes, they have them there...

jean said...

thanks kathy! i knew you would know!

jean said...

oh yes, i checked AR -- no luck there.

siqi said...

those puppies are so cute!

I want one!