June 28, 2005

hayes and stuff

The shih tzu pup peeping out of a boutique near Nida on Hayes.

Across the street are some local made uglydolls city on an ugly midcentury modern couch. I believe the doll on the right was modeled after the dead bodies exhibit that was held at the Masonic. :) It has red floss veins and arteries. (I would have bought it, but it was selling for $450!)

Some people standing around on Haight. Waiting for the bus.


bach said...

yeah! i saw those dolls, i wanted to get one, but when i saw the price, i slowly put it back and tucked it back between the pillows on the nice furniture ... and walked away. HAHA

Anonymous said...

i saw that exact same dog on hayes street.

jean said...

omg ... worlds overlapping! let's do a photo party or something.

thong said...

i live right upstairs!