June 27, 2005

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There was this magazine called 32NBY that has a Slavoj Zizek essay called "Can Lenin Tell Us About Freedom Today?" and I'm quite curious. I would like to know where I can find the magazine locally. These past few days have been filled with fruitless searches ... (for necklaces, hi-tops, tapered jeans, haha); I walked around Hayes Valley and Haight for hours, and ended up with one striped Wayne Rogers blouse. Although I must admit, a shirt that has a collar that you can pop and stays popped made all the traveling and dirty scavenging worth it.


On the up up side, Pride Celebration was awesome. It was (as it probably always is) the most most most weird-normal mix of people I've ever seen. In the world.

The best thing is the parade marches right up Market through the financial district, and afterwards, everyone congregates en masse right in the heart of the government quarters -- Civic Center.

Maybe it was the swaying to En Vogue, or hanging out with happy persons (Roger!) and eating over-priced chicken kebobs. Or the smirnoff strawberry twist. Or the naked men. Or the naked women. Or the HOT outfits everywhere! Or the pushing through crowds of happy people without pushing. Something about it was just ... so nice! I mean, it's like this revelation that this place is fucking amazing. We are living in the gay(est) mecca of the world!

If you didn't make it this year, come the next!

Parade watchers threw coins onto the flag

Construction Zone -- one of the trucks reppin Sacramento nightlife -- touts that faithful adage "Bigger is Better."

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