November 3, 2005


i want to do an entire photo shoot like this one. (what are these kinds of photos called? montage something?) for some reason, i group these kinds of images with rube goldberg's contraptions, in my mind. i guess one is hyper linear and the other is all overlap, but both are montage, where all the pieces need some space around them for 'clarity.'


jean said...

rog -- i think you better get your naked suit out for this one.

roger said...

lol- i hardly read comments, but lucky me i was mentioned in this one! i've been wanting to do a multiple image/montage (probably a series) for a while but all using the same person or couple of people- but i haven't yet thought of a concept that would make it interesting and not-so hackneyed. also- i hella need a tripod.

kathy said...

i have access to a tripod!

we should all get together with cameras and shoot. and we can be stand ins for each other's photos too!

jean said...

i think the naked suit should be utilized before it gets too cold ... hint hint