November 2, 2005

something from men's ss 06

okay, i know this has been a long time coming ... but here's a selection from my favorite spring shows:

Raf Simons does a little volume, a little layer.

Kris van Assche does the dandy pleats, the popular cuffs,
... and some delicious volume. Awesome collection.

Ann D. does it AS ALWAYS. Fuck yeah!

Fresh ... Adam Kimmel out of New York, former archi-head (in the line of Raf Simons, etc etc) ... EXCELLENT collection. Check it out.

Last but not least, a cute look from V&R.

Oh boy ... I am so doing menswear ... this shit's hot.


jean said...

okay, menswear ain't no creative playground like women's YET -- but discuss! discuss!

-notions of masculinity/gender
-constraints of men's fashion based on cultural norms
-overwelming prevalence of styling vs design
-overwelming street-style influence

somewhat undisclosed secret of mine -- reading certain men's fashion magazines is like my pornography ... clothing porn, that is.

roger said...

things to do list (one day):
1- pull off the van assche dress/bottoms getup in the 3rd pic.
2- date a viktor&rolf model (preferably one my size whom i can share clothes with.)

nice selections!

bruce said...

jean you're a nerrrrrrrrd!

i like wearing trucker hats.

jean said...

man ... you don't gotta hate! lol -- i think you were one of the first kids in arch school with the trucker hats ... and the first to ditch it before every fuckin frat boy was wearing them!

roger: i totally support the model-dating -- at least temporarily ;p. (aren't the cuffs and details at the waist so cute? tailoring + styling)

i could see you ravishing (for lack of a better word) in red.

bach said...