December 25, 2005

final days of 05


boston terrier stew.


Anonymous said...

wow, your postings have become more frequent as of late. is this new trend going to continue in 2006? -psycho

jean said...

quite possibly!

andrea said...

i love the formality of the 1st comment posted to this thing.

andrea said...

wait a minnit!
boston terrier stew??

that's disgusting, jean! doggone disgusting!!

doggone fusion cuisine.

i'm partially kidding. what, then, are your thoughts on consuming dog meat. by consuming, i mean consumption. ingesting. eating. digesting. passing.

andrea said...

can't get over the cute-ness of this photo. what big eyes they have! as if they weren't already suffocating! i love dogs.

california, people, and dogs. i have so much to say about dogs (though i miss the relative absence of cats from my life).. but too much to blog about.

andrea said...

once more..

boston terrier pups are so related to boxers in my head and heart.

and that one pup in the photo is giving other a sucker punch! this also reminds me of a miyazaki movie.