December 24, 2005

more truisms

1 money creates taste
2 morals are for little people
3 teasing people sexually can have ugly consequences
4 symbols are more meaningful than things themselves
5 self-awareness can be crippling

6 people who don't work with their hands are parasites
7 offer very little information about yourself
8 myth can make reality more intelligible
9 noise can be hostile
10 labor is a life-destroying activity

11 it's better to be lonely than to be with inferior people
12 it's better to be a good person than a famous person
13 it's better to be naive than jaded
14 it is a gift to the world not to have babies
15 in some instances it's better to die than to continue

16 hiding your emotions is despicable
17 extreme self-consciousness leads to perversion
18 faithfulness is a social not a biological law
19 dreaming while awake is a frightening contradiction

20 being alone with yourself is increasingly unpopular

21 any surplus is immoral
22 alienation produces eccentrics or revolutionaries
23 abstraction is a type of decadence
24 a strong sense of duty imprisons you
25 unquestioning love demonstrates largesse of spirit



andrea said...

not one of these truisms enrages me, although they all make my head scream. and so, this list gives me a good feeling.

sometimes, [jean] equals [fascist] or [german]. one or the other. awesome! :D

in [some more] retrospect, i like my "relationship' to your blog, among others. i feel this comfortable with mayhaps only stephen's or andy's blogs. gah! "blog"! what a be-cursed noun!

blogs aren't too off from en-gorged capsules of Myspace profiles. it's always funny (to me) to know that any "ring" o' blogs is like that perennial gang of self-conscious kids (The Breakfast Club; or Saved By The Bell; or Euclid Co-op house)... and one "false [online] move" will get you some weird looks.

or not. blogs are just glorified water coolers, or watering holes, or even glory holes. some people that they can be so "NAKED" on their blog, or vice versa- readers think that they're seeing the Real NAKED McCoy when they glimpse some stranger's blog.

i think that blogs are a good epitome of that age-old "everything/nothingness" paradox. "reading too much on somebody"; feeling like a "stalker".. clicking through lists/scrolls of "archived" entries... all this is nothing! especially when compared to what private eyes or c.i.a. agents resort to!

i never do feel like i'm giving or getting "too much information", or that i ought to feel more uneasy and sinister than i do... "blogs" are just one more human activity to me. and this mode of communication is just as inherently flawed/faulty/insufficient as any commercial advertisement/album cover/press conference.

[Graphic Design] + [Public Relations spot] =
[Recipe for Mis-interpretation!!]

anyway, in sum- nice post! happy x-mass!

andrea said...

p.s. about #3:

i learned this lesson once, back in 2002! it was like getting my hand bitten!

but i think you'd side with me. it was just a small jab, in comparison to all the shit that women get, even from their intelligent male friends. and i was actually not even joking! i was even more immature than i am now!

{[immature] = pointing at a sign for Gaylord's restaurant, and tittering}

jean said...

as for #20 ... i just read an interview with bernhard willhelm who gave the advice "spend some time alone everyday."

i'm guessing this means physical solitude as well as getting away from phone email blogs etc etc.

jean said...

1 i love truisms because they're so innocuous when you read them, but they're so terribly ambiguous and loaded. like a bloody killer baby.

2 i would recommend anyone to read my blog if they want to know something about me.

well, i try to keep what we talk about accessible ... to someone like me!! (indoctrination!!) ;p i started this blog as a small diary, but i couldn't keep that on anymore ... it would be too introspective and boring, i think. seriously, if i really got 'naked' on this ... i think i would scare myself.

3 i guess we don't mean to hurt people, but we can't tell sometimes, ya know? and vice versa. i mean, i can never tell if anyone is into ME if they aren't in my face about it. can't everyone just say what they feel explicitly? (but then we lose things like poetry poured forth by unrequited love?) goddamit.

... and if there anyone out there who is using this blog as a gauge of desire, please stop; it is highly inaccurate!!

jean said...

i just re-read your comment ... did you say i am either german or fascist??! wtf?

andrea said...


1. well, reading this list was like being exposed to a list of "fascisms" instead of "truisms". take a break from your blog; put some time between yourself and this entry; and then pay this entry a visit! maybe you'll see what i mean! :p

in any case, no offense. in the past couple days, i've been watching movies about "the eastern front" of world war ii with my dad. as russia and china saw it, it was a "war against fascism", not just any old war.

plus, i thought you LIKED fascist art!

2. about bernhard willhelm's interview- that's total common sense! it'll help save you from "Thinking Too Much"!

you need to move to a new place! maybe a fell street showdown needs to happen! even if you ended up moving out, you shouldn't consider it a defeat! it's always good to travel, anyhow! if you ended up moving in with a bunch of relative "strangers", i think you would get more physical solitude than you do now!