January 20, 2006

atelier fun

we all have multidisciplinary ateliers on our minds: a film unit, an architecture unit, a fashion unit, an art unit, and a middle-age! (literary) but where, and when. soon!


andrea said...

the only thing on my mind is Film Unit.

well, let me edit that. It's 100% film unit for me,
at least between Southern California and here.

From then on, it's 80% film unit, 20%.. school unit.

i'll be monitoring any dips/drops/vacillations... :D

not that any of these ateliers are mutually exclusive!

i love this!

p.s. where/when = [SOON]

namely, san francisco/berkeley.

i have "gifts" for you!

toodles for now!

andrea said...

please explain this:
"and a middle-age! (literary) "

although i have a feeling that i'll re-read it, and understand. re-reading: ugh!


thank god that
a) i don't know HTML like the back of my hand; otherwise, i would post in this text box a nice, large, foto of a beautiful pug-dog.
b) i'm not sure that you would allow such flagrant postings!

andrea said...

[p.s.] to the Nth power:

thanks for bringing minimalism into my college life, jean.