January 17, 2006



bruce said...

the top one is out of this world. a beach on the moon.

jean said...

can you believe that's just sonoma county?

andrea said...

sonoma county? i thought so! hrm.

only in north america:
new york coastline;
northwest coastline;
asian coastlines...

this got me thinking about Hong Kong. i mean...
my dad took the family to this one particular
Hong Kong restaurant in los angeles county...
it had these huge...more-gorgeous-than-posters..
...blown-up, head-on-encountered...
photographs of the town!

Hong Kong & Kowloon, perhaps Macau as well.

how did "macau" come from "aomen"?

ohh, [cantonese + portuguese]. match made in heaven.

andrea said...

[photographs of the town]

in the 1960s, of course. that is, i think it was the 1960s.

it could have been the 1980s or 1990s.

but they were definitely not from the last year.

i don't speak as somebody who as ever been to the place..
..which means.....

road-atmosphere trip to Hong Kong 2006 or 2007 is in order!

how bout it? i'm already heading that direction by December 2006..

jean said...

yes, that photo's from last last weekend -- it's the beach just northwest and below the edge charles moore sea ranch condos are perched. it was an overcast day, quite windy, and it did feel like we were somewhere else entirely. i think i said 'ireland.'

andrea said...

'ireland' indeed!

i saw 'ireland' in the central-dividing-partition on the 118 freeway down south.

and again in the hyper-green moss that is currently thriving in the bricks that line the pathway from the stupid Campanile, past V.L.S.B., to.. who knows.

stupid University! i have a feeling that that moss growth is also indicative of TOO many nutrients in the atmosphere!

hmm! Strawberry Creek/Sewage System, eh?

mark said...

a: sea ranch condos are A+
b: photos like this are precisely why I want to move west

jean said...

i'd say it's time for a visit. (the weather really is nice lately!)