January 3, 2006

light bulb

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i have an idea!

Yankee dollar talk
To the dictators of the world
In fact it’s giving orders
An’ they can’t afford to miss a word

I’m so bored with the u...s...a...
But what can I do?

Yankee detectives
Are always on the tv
’cos killers in america
Work seven days a week

I’m so bored with the u...s...a...
But what can I do?


andrea said...

[The Clash] FAR GREATER THAN [The Beatles]

though i loves them both.

jean said...

i have mixed feelings about the beatles.

by the way, aren't those boys cute? too bad they are probably all underage and have boyfriends.

andrea said...

oh god-damn. the way you "curate" your journal, jean. it's 2:24 a.m. and i just registered at "discogs". i love their simple registration form.

{"how did you hear of us?" [optional]
"why, by my memory."

"where are you from?"
"why, macau."

"yes, i accept yr t.o.s."}

andrea said...

about [the beatles]:
i completely understand and empathise with your sentiments.
they describe my own.

however, i can't/won't employ one emotion for [the clash], and another emotion for [the beatles].

it would be like comparing [apples] & [oranges], or [apple corp.] to [google corp.]. i love/hate them all.

andrea said...

about those boys:
no comment!!!
but seriously- YES.

however- also seriously-

are those ALLLLL boys?

i understand that the answer might be YES.

but the very first foto (top-left)
throws me off.

i would probably have said the same exact thing you said:
"too bad they are probably all underage and have boyfriends."

except for one mite of a thing:
they're white! and not asian/black/hispanic/google-race.
hah! good nite.

andrea said...

more on all this later.

jean said...

yes, there is lacking in color variety. (i hesitated for a split second to post this image for that reason). i think white is heterogenous; there are subtleties. model-land is fickle and fascist (i mean, agencies), and i HATE model worship -- however, i LOVE androgyny. and that's why the picture is there!

andrea said...

yay for androgyny! Androgyny is Global Citizenry's middle name. Global A. Citizenry. Or maybe Zandrogyny. Global Z. Citizenry. enough!

strangely or not, i forgot about fascism-fashion.

but, i don't think white is as heterogeneous as you do. for me, it's too tempting. it's worse-tempting than religion.

see, i think of it this way (again): "is there such thing as a black light???"

neither am i too nuts about silver or titanium. look where it got apple corporation.

on the other hand, look where it got honda corporation.

anyone with a bird's eye must be laughing at this century.

andrea said...


ok. well. about "white's heterogeneity":

the color "white" DOES attract viewers to a screen!
i'm not sure what "black" DOES..

i don't think that "black" de-tracts viewers. i would never believe that.

help me out here; i'm no environmental-design-scholar.

all i could say for now: purple is for "penance" (according to Poe?); purple is "comforting".

to me.
for now.