January 3, 2006

a physical palindrome

loan nguyen

did you ever imagine you can be a human palindrome? the same backwards and forwards?

!go hang a salami, i'm a lasagna hog!

... the begining of january gets me in a retrospective mood. i was reading over some of my old blog entries, thinking about how i've changed this year. this year was a return to america. coming back from shanghai was like a nose dive to all the deep end memories of my american life -- a past shaded by longing, religion, and a big dose of self-loathing.

i started the year trapped in a wood cabin in tahoe. i ended it in a victorian on capp street with a cup of champagne. in between, were the hot, drizzling days of summer in berkeley. the musty air of BART at montgomery station. hours of fascination. thousands of strangers on foggy mornings, sharp san francisco air, all walking to work. long, thick-breathed smokes. watching without moving. ending, for half a year, with the repetition of days, and corporate boredom. endless, seething beige; thirsty all the time.

the faces of new friends who i can count on one hand. quiet nights, days of solitude. the absence of words. the power of images, hiding, silence: that was my year.

2006 - less melancholy, more kissing, more robots!


andrea said...

yay for 2006!

now for some cheesiness:
we're in our 20s; it's a decade that begins a lifetime of uncertainty. and that's really how i feel at the brink of january 2006.

want to match that uncertainty a heartbeat! and then raise it by some ounces of breathlessness.

but in case you need a quick picker-upper, find and watch "The Best of Youth" ("la meglio gioventĂș"). i think the italians do it best- fascistically. the japanese; the germans- they're collectively another story.

sorry, jean; i couldn't help but wax cheesy. it's a good time for it.

jean said...

cheese is underrated