January 28, 2006

what to do with the dandy

Costume National f/w '06

"We have routinely referred to Wolfe as the greatest living dandy. We've also called the high collars, walking stick and homburg hopelessly cliché for the generations following in Wolfe's spats-clad footsteps. So might he be in fact the ultimate embodiment of Dandyism.net's favorite whipping boy, the retro-eccentric out to provoke a reaction through deliberately anachronistic dress? Has he done as much as anyone to fuel the popular media misconception of the dandy as an antediluvian fop? Sartorially speaking, is he really just Patrick McDonald without the eyeliner?

"Or, given our most undandyish age, is the only role left for the dandy that of provocateur?"

(from Dandyism.net; see also a wonderful Quelle Horreur, which I feel is the journal I would have kept if I were a male dandy.)

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