February 2, 2006

always listening

my new favorite online radio is none other than East Village Radio. my favorite show is robotradio with nick ac, with the only podcast i am subscribed to!

take a listen!


today while cataloguing my music bookmarks (opening them all in tabs and pop-up posting each to my del.icio.us) i came across lots of juicy gems that took me back -- a blast from the past! the first mix i listened to today was "EARLY RAVE CLASSICS" (i can hear someone saying "oooh shiiiit!" ... simultaneously excited and frightened). it was pretty much grossing me out for the first few tracks (i was taking it for research), but it got really great in the middle! there's some fatherly-voice-over-robots and vaudevilley sampling (which we still do, eh?) but then ... Robin S "Show Me Love"! now that's birthday party at the rollerskating rink material - a roll down memory lane.

a few hours later, quite serendipitously, i was checking out (ben's favorite genre): piano house threads (on ilovemusic here and more here). i admit, this ain't really 'my generation' (it takes me back to what, seventh grade?) but oh how it figured in my early electronic experiences.

i don't like to get all nostalgic and shit, but this is just great.


andrea said...

how long have you been using podcasts, jean?

jean said...

hm ... i guess i started when it came out last year in august or september? the first one i subscribed to was a german music net radio station on its techno podcast.

andrea said...


i'll check out your delicious links sometime later.

really, i swear that podcasts have been around since at least 2004 (?). i remember listening to good ole "this american life" in my parents' garage. i tuned the car radio to k.c.r.w. and either rolled down the windows or left the doors open.

"simultaneously excited & frightened"?

giggles!!! thanks for posting this jean.

andrea said...


i forgot to type something important in the previous comment...

.."the subject of that episode of 'this american life' concerned home-podcasting."

this is what the internet & blogs do to the attention span- it gets shortened!

that episode SHOULD be archived on the show's website. if you/i can't find it, kelson can/would. he's a total fan.
if you don't already know his web address:

jean said...

cool. you are totally right about the attention span shortening. (i was thinking video-casting!!! evidently my work has me phasing my memory in terms of product releases now, not years) but, yes the first podcast i subscribed to produced by a german radio station.

and please try to listen to that mix with the early 90s context in mind ...