February 4, 2006

primary mode of communication

If people don't like the way you look they'll pass you by. Clothing is more important than what's inside your head. Clothes are the connecting language. People are in the right to act this way because you can tell a lot about a person from their looks. I know very few people who are dressing a lie. Maybe spies do. Most people are not that advanced.

-Jurgen Lehl, fashion designer


Anonymous said...

That's bs (I hope). Sometimes not dressing beautifully all the time just means that you don't care about fashion, or don't know enough to care, or don't have the time or money to deal with fashion. What's more, I like wearing t-shirts and jeans and sweatshirts. What does that say about me, Mr. Fancypants Jurghen Lehl?


(miss ya Jean!)

andrea said...

well.. i can't think of a Designer i would rather meet than Jurgen!!

Designer = architect OR furniture-designer OR graphic-designer OR clothing-designer!

a said...

yeah... Mr. Jurgen Fancypants is easily taken for an asshole... but they're the ones who've got salient things to say!

like Oscar Niemeyer!

however- about oscar niemeyer- i don't know anything about him save for one single interview i read. in the new york times magazine. and he didn't come off as an asshole to me, not at all. however, bruce really, really dislikes/disliked Brasilia, and that says much about niemeyer. most people i know dislike Brasilia.

jean said...

Ha! Mr Lehl was right about you Robin!

Dissecting it further:
Slightly frayed (corduroy) blazer cut a little wide: American academia
Slouchy cotton long sleeve tshirts in earth tones: West coast nature boy
Slouchiness: French predilection for draping
Perpetual 9 o'clock shadow: a deep thinker who cannot be concerned with frivolous activities such as shaving every morning.
Gray New Balances: practical yet keen on historical sneaker precedent; links you with NB's hip-hippy marketing campaign using Ryuichi Sakamoto and the Slow Life Movement.

I have you figured out ... ! lol

Who's to say this is not beautiful or not fashionable according to Mr Lehl. I am fascinated by how there is so much purely visual encoding in fashion, and it has the power to bring people together or apart. In an alternate universe, Robin might have had a totally tasteless wardrobe, not this charming nonchalant starving academia chic, and it would have been a totally different story for the two of us!

Jurgen Lehl said...

Mr.Fancypants Jurgen Lehl says...Please note that there is no mention about fashion or style nor any judgement of values in the comment i made in an interview 20 years ago and that i have never ever called myself a fashion designer!

jean said...

ha! mr lehl, you were quoted as such in SelfService magazine! so if you don't call yourself a fashion designer, what do you do?