February 6, 2006


Fashion is the displayed stylization of one's own experience. - Jurgen Habermas in Theory of Communicative Action 1985

In today's society we put a lot on the individual, but i think that the real author is the combination of two people trying to impress each other. - Dominique Gonzales-Foerster in SelfService 2002



andrea said...

very very cute!

jean- where is Jurgen Habermas from?
and where is Gonzales-Foerster from? word to his mother!

speaking of "selfservice"- i was walking through the corridor of the Art History/Classics graduate library with Stephen this weekend, and i thought of you! have you ever been to that library? i think you'd really like it!

(nearby the periodicals library)

andrea said...

can't believe "stylization" is a real word.. i feel silly enough saying "stylizing" as a noun. but words are words!

jean said...

1 if you want to get into the word ... i think 'stylizing,' like any -ized word, adds the meaning of the action, process, or result of styling, not just the styling itself -- there's a process, so there's a method of conformity, a production, and an acting upon. (and i believe it's a conforming to a visual language / code, as i mentioned before -- whether breaking or enunciating, you're still speaking the language)

2 i went to that little library once to do research for an architectural history class.

3 gonzales-foerster is an .
habermas is a

jean said...

i am not happy. :(

andrea said...

take some serious time off work!

maybe you can find a fun part-time job.. i'm looking for one myself, right now..